Graham Marine Pile Driving Services

Marine Pile Driving

Size, length and type of marine piling may be specific to the lake where the marine piling is to be driven. Site specific factors such as water depth or a rocky lake bed will also determine your options for pilings.

Galvanized steel pole stirrup systems with rollers are available and usually recommended to accommodate rise and fall of water levels.

Graham Marine Construction offers the newest technology in pile driving equipment available in North America. In addition to hydraulic hammer service, our pile driving equipment is truckable, so we can load up and access sites via roadways or waterways. This new technology allows pile driving service to area lakes where it was not previously available. Please note we require a minimum of two feet of water depth for pile driving and that all pile driving is conducted at the customer's risk as there is no real way to know what is beneath the lakebed floor. Graham Marine Construction is also pleased to offer bubble screening which reduces the impact that marine pile driving can have on the environment.

We also specialize in piling extraction. If you have pilings you are seeking to remove, please contact us to discuss your project.

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