Anchors & SEAFLEX

Anchors & SEAFLEX

Mooring Anchors

Mooring balls with anchors can be a good solution for mooring boats. Our standard set up is a 24" mooring ball with galvanized mooring chain to a triple connected cement block which come in various sizes depending on the water depth and size and weight of your boat.

Dock Anchors

Our standard dock anchors attach to connections on the dock with long link galvanized mooring chain to a swivel, then to triple connected cement blocks. The blocks come in various sizes depending on the weight, size, shape and other site conditions specific to your dock.

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dcksSeaflexLogo.gifGraham Marine Construction is pleased to offer Seaflex, advanced anchor solutions.

  • Stabilize and secure any type or size of floating dock
  • Performs well in considerable waves and exceptional water level fluctuations
  • Effective in significant water depths
  • Works on lakes that freeze

View SEAFLEX anchors in action here.

dcksSeaflexAnchor.gifSpecially designed to keep any type of floating dock stable and secured in position, even on lakes that freeze, locations of significant water depth, considerable waves and exceptional water level fluctuation. Seaflex is an ideal anchor option for Kootenay Lake, Christina Lake and Moyie Lake.

Thousands of Seaflex have been installed all over the world since 1981. Seaflex is a strong, reliable and flexible method for mooring floating docks, consisting of an elastic and corrosion resistant anchor system with it's main component being a special rubber hawser. This system is highly resistance to corrosion and does not damage sensitive ecosystems on the lakebed. Seaflex is one of the most reliable anchor systems on the market, whether for complete marinas or smaller residential docks. Seaflex's self-regulating anchors handle variations in water levels and depths. This elasticity ensures that the floating docks are less exposed to unnecessary wear while also protecting docks and boats in case of storms.

The size of each Seaflex system is specially calculated for each dock and considers all variables such as variation of water level, wind speed, wave height, current, water depth and size of dock.

Eco-friendly, Seaflex meets the highest international standards for environmental protection. The anchors have minimal corrosions, do not release pollutants and do not harm the lakebed or impact surroundings. A dock moored with Seaflex is naturally much freer from noise than some other options.

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